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How Covid-19 has changed the role of hospitals

Looking at how hospitals changed during Covid-19 is a starting point for a lot of larger questions in the healthcare industry.

Covid-19 changed healthcare in too many ways to count. It drastically accelerated the adoption of remote health by over a decade, and along similar lines, is allowing us to rethink what aspects of healthcare we want to keep, shake up, or introduce in a post-Covid world. However things end up in this multi-faceted industry we are in, one thing I believe will undoubtedly change is how patients view and engage with hospitals.

Ohio Vaccination Program Reaching Homebound Residents

As the latest wave of COVID-19 continues infecting more Central Ohioans, vaccinations are coming into another front, people’s homes.

OFFOR Health, a Columbus-based company that provides clinical services for medical and dental companies, is partnering with the state of Ohio to bring vaccines to home-bound people who can’t travel to clinics to get immunized. Their first in-home shots will be distributed Monday.

A Twist On The Office Surplus: OFFOR Health

Depending upon where we live, we may take for granted the relatively easy access to the resources and facilities that we need for the medical treatment we require. Not everyone is so lucky, however, nor is every town equipped for medical or dental procedures beyond the routine.