Our young patients and their families face significant obstacles just to get access to basic healthcare

  • We exist so that they don’t have to take on those challenges alone

How we got here

OFFOR Health was founded by three anesthesiologists who wanted to reimagine our daily grind. They saw the burnout, got tired of the bureaucracy, and yearned for something better.

Seven years ago, they stepped out from behind the curtain to build a company dedicated to creating a new way for anesthesiologists to work— where you can focus on providing exceptional patient care while we focus on providing everything else.

Today, OFFOR Health is the fastest-growing anesthesiology service provider in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and we are rapidly expanding throughout Illinois, and Texas, with many more states in the pipeline.

We benchmark our success by improving

Our commitment is to champion our core values of Quality, Empathy, Dignity and Impact with a strong focus on safety and patient care, while providing a professional and personable experience to our many practices.

Access to Timely Care

Cost and Procedure Efficiency

Standard of Safety

OFFOR Health was founded by Board Certified Anesthesiologists

With the idea of increasing access to safe anesthesia services in any dental or medical office, which could improve patient outcomes and set in motion a new optimization in the Healthcare System.

Ajay Satyapriya, MD

Specialty: Cardiac

Navin Goyal, MD

Specialty: Ambulatory