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Our Journey: Impact and Future Goals

Over the past months, we’ve worked tirelessly to reimagine healthcare, aiming to break down barriers for under-served and under-resourced communities. We’ve seen firsthand how the power of connection can transform lives, improving healthcare accessibility and outcomes.

Beyond the Status Quo: Innovative Approaches to Healthcare

When we talk about innovation, technology is often the first thing that comes to mind. But let’s be clear: technology, while powerful, is not the be-all and end-all of innovation. It’s only one piece of the puzzle. Today, I’m focusing on non-technological innovations – the fresh ideas, practices, and strategies that can truly make healthcare accessible for all.

Overcoming Obstacles: Making Healthcare Accessible to All

Healthcare accessibility is a multifaceted issue. It’s not just about whether there’s a hospital or clinic nearby, or if a person has health insurance. It encompasses a spectrum of barriers that can prevent people from receiving the care they need and deserve.

Creating Connections: The Power of Relationships in Healthcare

Relationships are the heartbeat of healthcare. Whether it’s the trust between a patient and a provider, the collaboration between different healthcare professionals, or the bond between a community and its health institutions, each connection has the potential to impact health outcomes.

Healthcare Revolution: Accelerating Access and Reimagining the Model

“Let’s start a revolution, folks! This isn’t about tweaking the edges or bandaging broken parts; it’s about grabbing healthcare by the collar and shaking it awake. We’re here to disrupt the status quo, and our mission?” At OFFOR Health our mission statement is, “We reimagine outdated healthcare models to accelerate access to care for those who are under-served and under-resourced.”

Disrupting Healthcare: Moving Under-Served & Under-Resourced Communities To The Front Of The Line

Listen up, folks! We need to have a serious conversation about the state of healthcare in under-served and under-resourced communities. It’s time to stop making excuses and start taking action. We need to go the last mile to move people from the back of the line and provide quality healthcare services to everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Columbus-Based OFFOR Health Appoints Seasoned Healthcare Exec as New CEO

Healthcare Innovation Expert Shawn Nason to lead next phase of growth and partnerships.

Nason, who replaces CEO Saket Agrawal, brings more than 25 years of experience in executive management, customer service and healthcare innovation to his role as CEO, including direct experience improving healthcare access and outcomes in rural communities.

Completes Series A Round With Additional $9 Million

OFFOR Health, a company that provides on-site clinical services for medical and dental practices, announced the close of a Series A1 round with $9 million, bringing the company’s total funding up to $15 million. The deal was led by AXA Venture Partners (AVP), with participation from Seattle-based SpringRock Ventures, Columbus-based LOUD Capital, and MBX Capital.

Bringing Access to Care to the City of Lancaster

In June of 2017, Lancaster Pediatric Dentistry partnered with SmileMD for their first case day. At the time, they had a long backlog of patients waiting to be seen for simple dental surgeries. This was frustrating for the dentist, Dr. Jonathon Draney, who had the patients, the office, and the skills, he just needed anesthesia services.

Changing Lives in Kentucky

Susan is the mother of 25-year-old Trevor, a recent SmileMD patient who has a very severe case of Autism.  She has been looking far and wide for someone to help take care of her son’s teeth. She traveled out of state, paid thousands of dollars, made dozens of phone calls, and was still unable to find a dentist that could provide Trevor’s dental care.