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Timely access to critical dental care a matter of health?

Across the world and especially relevant in the US at this time is the question of Health Care. We as a society are asking ourselves if Health care is a right or a privilege. What type of society do we want to live in?

Answering the above question is difficult but what do you do when the question isn’t as straightforward. Oro-systemic issues can cause long-term health issues but are deemed excess and extravagant by many and so are not covered fully or at all. These patients need the work done but are at the mercy of a system which makes it cumbersome to get seen and treated in a timely fashion, many times causing long-term issues for them and their families.

In researching the access to care issue, there are a myriad of causes which inhibit timely and effective access to care which include but are not limited to:

  1. Lack of financial resources - wealth or the lack of plays a significant importance on our ability to get adequate care

  2. Lack of insurance or insurance options

  3. Irregular source of care/Lack of providers in a geographical area

  4. Legal obstacles

  5. Age - The elderly and children are at the mercy of another individual to help them gain access to care

SmileMD was founded by three physicians whose primary goal was to do their part to help those in need. The foundation of our mission includes providing all with access to care. We meld our portable healthcare solution to both urban and rural areas so as to provide safe and effective anesthetic care in the patients locale, thus increasing the likelihood the patient will follow-up with care as well as decreasing their wait time and long-term complications.

We see patients of all types and work with Medicaid to find better access to care for those who cannot afford it.

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